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De Slaapdokters

We help employees with their sleeping problems. This improves and enhances their health, vitality and productivity. 

Sleep problems at work

1 in 5 employees has sleep problems

Sleep problems cause problems in concentration, fatigue and decreased productivity. In the long term sleep problems increase the chance of burnout, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Besides the health-related aspect, insomnia also has financial consequences for your company. Health insurance companies estimate that an employee with sleeping problems costs a company up to 1440 euros a year.

60-80% in full remission

Participants learn new skills to improve their sleep. They change their lifestyle and learn to challenge their thoughts and attitudes on sleep. 

Happy customers

Lisa, employee Castor:

‘The sleep course gave me new and helpful insights and tools to improve my sleep. The online course material is very helpful, also after the course. The sleep course really helped me and I would definitely recommend it!’

Our specialists

Dolph Heck

medical doctor & cofounder

Lisanne Koomen

medical doctor & cofounder

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