Our approach

De Slaapdokters offer sleeping courses and in-company sleep training. Our trainers are medical doctors and highly experienced in the field of sleep. Our sleeping course is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. This is the number one treatment for sleeping disorders. It teaches the participants about all the factors that contribute to sleeping problems. Maintaining factors can be ruminating, stress, or worries about the existence of sleeping problems. We teach the participants skills to tackle their sleeping problems and change lifestyle behaviours and thoughts on sleep. This increases their general health and makes your company more healthy!

Group course: 6 weekly group sessions of 1,5-2 hours with a group size of 3-6 participants. Participants do exercises at home, which will take about 30 minutes a day.

Individual course: 5 weekly sessions of 1 hour. The participants does exercises at home, which will take about 30 minutes a day.

We come to your company. It is also possible to do the online or hybride via Zoom.

The course can be given in English and Dutch.


We work with a ‘No Cure, Less Pay’ system that includes a basic fee with an additional prestation bonus. If we do not deliver the maximum result, you pay less. This system is possible by measuring the quality of sleep of your employees before we start and four weeks after the last course date. We use validated questionnaires that can measure the impact of our course on your employees’ sleep. We would be very happy to explain the ins and outs of this system and explain our unique method.

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